12 relatable GIFs for remote teams
that explain perfectly why
we love remote work
12 relatable GIFs for remote teams
that explain perfectly why
we love remote work
Anastasia Shiverskikh
Marketing Manager @ HRimplant
FEBRUARY, 14 / 2020
Rumor has it, by 2028, 73% of all small business teams will have remote workers. Perhaps, the top reason for that is millennials and Gen Z taking over the modern workforce, bringing in new values like mental health awareness, global mindset, and contributing to solving the climate change crisis.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, here are the 12 relatable GIFs to remind us why, even if sometimes it gets tough, both managers and employees still love working remotely.
The chance to work from (literally) anywhere in the world
This one's pretty explanatory. You can work from your couch or from the beach in the Bahamas, after all the physical space is not that important if you get the work done ;)
More time with the most important and loved ones
When there is no need to commute to work every day, getting from one side of town to the other, there is just so much more time to spend with the ones we care about the most.
(Really) getting stuff done
Countless studies show that letting your employee work remotely increases their productivity by an average of 13%, which equals to 1.4 more days every month, or 16.8 more days every year. There can be different reasons, but one is for sure spending less time discussing your coworker's wild weekend.
Saving money on commute
On average, you can spend from $2,000 to $5,000 on commute annually. Maybe that's exactly why you didn't go traveling this year?
Keeping your zen with less stress, pressure, and distractions
No water cooler chatter, no 40-min lunch breaks. And if you are not feeling your most productive self today, you don't need to stay in the office pretending to work while scrolling your Facebook feed.
Having more time for a healthier diet
When you work in the office, it's often hard to choose a healthy meal when all you have within 5-min reach is Starbucks and Burger King. When you work from home, all you need to do is grab your frozen fruit mix and blend that smoothie!
The chance to travel every month if you want and still keep your job
As long as you save them $5,000 on the commute ;)
Meetings take less time
"The best way to not do anything at work is to have a meeting". Let's be real, we all know that is often true. Plus, when you're working remotely, one of the things you learn is thoroughly planning your day, so 'impromptu' meetings that are so common in the office simply don't happen. More time to get things done!
A better opportunity to network
When you're working 9-5 and actually have a life outside of your working hours, it makes it hard to ever get out there and meet new people, expand your network. With so many great co-working space options, you can meet new people every day!
Having more time for hobbies and working out
If your gym is 5 mins away from your home, all you need to do to make it there after work is put your yoga pants on.
The chance to work with talented people from all over the world
The beautiful thing about working remotely is that borders disappear and when you look for new team members you focus on their talents and skills rather than on where they live. Doesn't that make more sense?
Knowing that we're in this together and are a part of something bigger
If you think remote work is still rare, think again. If you're working remotely, you become a part of a global community of people who decided that staying in the place that they love surrounded by the people they care about was more important than being in the office at 8am sharp.
Looking for a remote worker?
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Looking for a remote worker?
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